Joining the marketplace as a Seller

Published on: 08-Aug 08:55pm

To sign up the first step is to visit On the top right hand side you will see a little lock.

Please click on the lock to open the site.

For the site password please use bortee

Once you arrive at the site take notice of the top menu bar and click on Become a Seller.


Perfect. Now you are almost there. Please click Join Now.

But remember to read the Sellers FAQ to make you know the Very Canadian basics. Once you are approved you will see more in depth FAQs regarding the marketplace backend and you will be able to configure your Shipping options, your payouts, connect your Shopify store with the marketplace and much more.

This is the real deal guys!

Now you are in the back of the Very Canadian marketplace.

Below the bottom at the center, Login to my Account, there is another smaller message, Not a seller yet? Join Now.


Click on Join Now



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