Selling Fees

Published on: 02-Aug 11:05am has a very simple fee structure.

We only charge a 10% commission fee for products sold.

Selling Fees

  • Total Order Fee

We charge 10% of total order paid excluding the shipping fees. If your order is CDN$100.00 we will charge you CDN$10.00 and send you the remaining CDN$90.00 + tax.

This is all we charge you. No hidden fees!

  • Per-item Fees

We do not charge a per item sale. We believe simple is better.

  • Subscription Fees

There are no subscription fees.

  • Refund and Administration fees

There are no Refund or Administration fees

  • Shipping Fees (Fulfilling Orders)

Shipping fees are paid by the customer when he/she places an order. You are only responsible for packaging the product and attaching the proper shipping label. Very Canadian shipping rates are applied by Canada Post and are calculated real time in conjunction with your product weight and dimensions. We strongly suggest that you find a box that can accomodate most of your products as to standardize that process.

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