Why should you be part of VeryCanadian?

Published on: 02-Aug 11:12am

Why should you be part of VeryCanadian?

Our goal is to showcase every Canadian product under one roof for the whole world to know of our quality and our brands. We are committed to every Seller small or big, established or not. It’s the same price for everyone.You should be part of this marketplace because you will be part of a group of companies that believe in ethical and sustainable standards to produce quality goods. A kind of badge of honor if you will. Companies inside of the marketplace are supporting the Canadian economy by manufacturing their products in Canada.If you are a Canadian company and share our ideals and values, you should be part of the marketplace.

Reach more customers

We want to see you succeed. We spend more than 25% of our revenue on advertisement for the Sellers of the marketplace. We use the latest technology and trends in SEO to achieve maximum exposure of your products.

Let us take care of the customer

We love customer service and we aim to be as customer centric as possible. That means that we will get to know your business and your process to answer questions to customers as soon as possible so you keep on working on your business.


There is a Sellers portal just for you. Within the portal you can monitor all your sales and create detailed reports. You can also see your payments made from the marketplace to you. Also, you can print shipping labels so that you can ship the products you made.

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