City Hubs

Published on: 02-Aug 12:59pm

Our City Hubs are not yet available but you can see what we have planned.


Our goal is to help every Canadian business succeed. With that in mind we have taken steps to make that a reality. We encourage everyone to visit our Hubs to take advantage of these services.

Our Free Services are provided  at our City Hubs:

  • Shipping your orders. We will help you package label your order. Leave it with us and we’ll make the trip to Canada Post for you
  • Product Shot. We take pictures of your products for free
  • Onboarding of Sellers unto
  • Business advice. If any Canadian has a business question they can come by our Hub for a sit down

City Hubs

City Hubs are the physical locations of Very Canadian physical stores. Brick & Mortar is not dead, it's just not merged with the online world properly. We believe that having a physical presence in every Canadian city is important, the closer we are to our clients the better we will know how to serve them.

These Hubs allow us to increase brand awareness by offering free pop-up spaces to showcase their products. We also have retail space for brands who want to have a permanent spot in the show room. 

In the City Hubs we have our ever changing displays. These displays are created daily with products from brands who cannot visit the photography studio and send their goods to the City Hub. With these items we make store displays and share them with everyone online.

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