Sellers Password Reset

Published on: 09-Aug 02:30pm

Oh no! You must get back to your account as soon as possible. Here's how.


Please click here or go to the Sellers portal through the Become a Seller page.

Once on the Sellers portal, please click on Forgot Password

Once clicked then you must fill the field asking for your email then click on Reset, this is the email that you entered in your Sellers account creation step.

Once you click on Reset,  you have to check your email because we just sent you a temporary password.

Once you have your temporary password go to the Sellers Portal click here and fill the password field with your new temporary password, your email should be the one that you used to create your Sellers account and click on Login to my Account


Now that you are inside you have to create a new password, that you can remember. Click on Profile -> My Account 


On the right hand side click on Change Password


After you change to your new password, you are set to go.

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