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Published on: 08-Aug 09:20pm

Please know that before you read this, you should read the Join the Marketplace Knowledge Article Now you are in the account creation phase. Please make sure that you complete all the required fields.

Your Sellers Name should be your brands or stores name.

Once you are finished click on Create Account. An email will be sent to you, asking you to activate your account. Please do activate.


This second part is a bit long but it is very important.

Once you click on Create My Account you need to click on the green button, My Account to finish your account setup.

Once you click on the green button, you will be transported to your own account information. Please complete the account information, this will allows us to contact you right away to start the approval process.


Please take into account three important fields.


Sellers Name & Sellers Shop Name, please complete both fields your Brand or Shop name.

Address, this field is super important, this is the address that we use to configure the Pick Up in store feature.

This is the long part of the registration process but it is really important. Again, here we find fields that we must pay attention to, namely:


Delivery Days: Please place the number of days it takes you to fulfill your order.

Delivery Method: Please write Canada Post

Delivery Time: Usually Canada Posts delivers between 7-10 days.

Return Days: This is the amount of time a client has before raising a delivery alert.

Refund Days: This is the amount of time you as a Seller have to refund the client.


Also make sure to write as much as possible in your descriptions to make sure that the clients get to know you a little bit more.

Before you continue make sure to save your changes.


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