Payments to Sellers

Published on: 08-Aug 12:04pm

Very Canadian

Published on - 08-Aug 12:04pm

Payment to your account will be completed within 24 hours after you've confirmed tracking number on our system or by email. We believe your cash flow should not suffer because you sold a product, quite the contrary if you sell you should collect your funds as soon as possible.

We are generating all payments to Sellers through Interac Online, we can't get more Canadian than that. This method is quick and economical also it allows us to pay you super quick straight to your account. For invoices of CDN 1,000.00 or less.


Once the amount is larger than CDN 1,000.00 we will send a bank wire to the account specified by you. Please know the cost of the bank wire is on us.

For a settlement to take place, you must:

  • Have a positive balance in your Selling on Very Canadian account. Subscription fees and customer refunds, if any, can affect your balance.
  • Have entered valid bank account information for your Seller account.
  • Have entered a valid email to transfer your funds to

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