What is the selling process in Verycanadian.ca

Published on: 02-Aug 11:15am

Selling in Verycanadian.ca

1. Register & List your products

List your products one at a time with the easy-to-use Add a Product tool, or list your products all at once by uploading a product file in Seller portal or by using Very Canadian Marketplace App for Shopify.

2. Wait for Approval

We will contact you as soon as possible after you register and uploaded your products.

We will ask you about the make, material, manufacturing practices and other questions to find out if we are fits for the marketplace.

3. Approval & Sell

After you list your products and we approved your Very Canadian Seller status then you can start seeing your products on your store space. We will give you the exact URL of your store so you can also tell your customers and friends.

Customers can see them on VeryCanadian.ca. With features like add to wishlist, secure checkout, and our Guarantee, VeryCanadian helps customers make quick, easy, and worry-free purchases.

4. Ship

VeryCanadian will notify you when a customer places an order. If you are using Shopify and linked our Very Canadian Marketplace APP then you can see the order on your store. You can also see your orders on your Very Canadian Sellers portal and print the shipping labels right from there. The client always pays for the shipping label, you just print them and ship the products from your nearest Canada Post.

5. Get Paid

VeryCanadian will deposit payments into your bank account or through other pre-arranged method at regular intervals and notify you when your payment has been sent.


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