Published on: 02-Aug 12:54pm

We are a bit picky about pictures and how they are displayed on the. Assuring that at least the very first product picture is the same across all products gives a site a refined and polished look. We really want your product to stand out and this is one simple way.

We required at least two pictures for each product. One with a white background where we can see the product clearly and one action shot where the product can be seen in its own environment. 

The best product pictures create sales and encourage the customer to look into your brand 

There are a few ways you can take awesome pictures. You can take them with your phone and erase the background using online tools. You can get one of those fancy mobile studios or you can make your own studio. 

We've done all of the above.

We realized the struggle of taking profesional pictures on a budget. That's why we decided to get ourselfves the best photo studios. We also decided to take free pictures for your products if you do not have the facilities or the budget. 

The best part is, it's free of charge.

All you have to do is send us your product or visit one of our Very Canadian city Hub and we will take the profesional studio picture for you. We will send you the picture so that you always have it. You do have to pay for shipping if you are sending the product over mail.

We would love it if you'd let us sell your product in our store front when you send it to us to take the product shots. This acts as a mini pop-up that is always changing, it also gives us an oportunity to broadcast your brand. However, it is fine if you do not, we can send it back to you at our cost.

For these product sales inside of the Very Canadian city Hubs we charge the same commision as in the marketplace, 10%. This free offer is for Sellers who are part of the Very Canadian marketplace.


As we grow and try to open more city Hubs so you can visit and take full advantage of our free services; you can send you products for photograhpy to:

158 Court St South, Thunder Bay, P7B2X6

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