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Published on: 12-Aug 10:49pm

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Published on - 12-Aug 10:49pm

To export your products from WooCommerce please follow the following steps:


 CSV Import Suite > Export Products. You can then choose to export either products or product variations.

WooCommerce Product CSV Import - Export Products


CSV Export Options

There are a number of options for your export:

  • Limit – the maximum number of products that you wish to export. For example, if you had a limit of 100 and an offset of 200, you would exports products 200-300 to your CSV.
  • Offset – the row number at which you wish to start the export. The counting starts with the oldest product.
  • Columns – if you only wish to export specific columns, choose these here.
  • Include hidden meta data – enable this if you want to show meta data information for your products and/or product variations (e.g. data from WooCommerce Bookings, custom fields, etc).
  • Limit to parent ID(s) – for product variations only, if you only wish to export variations of specific parent products, add those product IDs as comma-separated values.

Select Export Products or Export Variations and your CSV file will be downloaded.

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